For mamas, babies and families alike, VNCo. was dreamed up by my good friend Emily. She’s a certified holistic nutritionist, a loving mom & wife in Portland whose mission for launching Village Nutrition is to come alongside your family as you find health and balance with real food while life is busy.

I had the opportunity to help bring this dream to fruition, as we launched VNCo. on Thanksgiving Day, 2018. She wanted her brand to feel vibrant, gender-neutral and playful — she wanted it to feel inviting and organic, much like the foods she loves sharing with her clients.

Collateral created: logo (stationary + moving), illustration library, type template(s) for social-share posts, business cards, coloring page, ‘areas of specialty’ postcards, website.

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Emily Johnson

Art Direction
Kali Anderson

Design & Illustration
Chandler Subra

Christa Fowles