With the aim to create a new, vibrant brand that is as full of flavor as the teas, Swift created a social campaign that embodies the premium (yet attainable) presence Teavana has as a brand. Along with creating content for social sharing, Swift also redesigned / launched their new website, replacing a tab they had on the Starbucks website beforehand. My role came in the form of helping with some concepting, as well as offering copious amounts of sketch and comping support, banner production, and CMS updates within their Wordpress template.

Shown here is a handful of my favorite things that I was able to touch for Teavana — sachet sketches, IG grid production, retouching on the cheers-ing gif, lettering and idea comps on the bottom (they’re not final files, just rough gifs as proof-of concept that I had fun making).



Creative Direction
Carolin Harris

Art Direction
Erin Stevens

Heather Apple

Chandler Subra
Raina Jung

Christa Connelly