Chandler is a designer and illustrator who more frequently goes by “Chan” to her peers (with the exception of her mom and grandmothers).

Chan’s noteworthiest claim to fame occurred on Halloween 2015 when Saturday Night Live featured her on their Instagram, & making things makes her happy. (So do most things involving being outside &/or being married to her bestie, Thad).



Chan graduated with her BFA in Graphic Design from Iowa State University (where she’s from) in 2016. The allure of the West Coast then brought Chan to Portland, Oregon in 2017, where she thoroughly enjoyed eating all of the cinnamon rolls that the PNW had to offer (while also doing some pretty fun work at Swift).



Her husband decided to go and get a fancy new job that then brought her, her said husband and their fluffy cat to Boston, Massachusetts mid-2019, where she is currently seeking new opportunities to make cool things with nice people ! ! !



Chan thanks you for reading this far, and her resume is linked here.

P.S. — You can find her on Working Not Working if you click here.



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